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Introducing, hot off the press, our School Emergency Guide for educational settings! This handy laminated safety plan allows for quick reference in emergency situations and should be kept in every classroom, cafeteria, gym, and main office. This school safety plan is designed with ease of use in mind, and can be easily understood by students and teachers alike. Our product is easily customizable and our safety plan template can be personalized just for your institution with your logo and your own page content. If you do not presently have safety plan in place our product will help you quickly establish one!

Having a school safety plan is important for every educational establishment, and this guide is designed to fulfill that need. From elementary and high schools to universities, all around the United States more and more local PTA and administrative boards are requiring schools to have an emergency plan in place. In the wake of increasing school emergency incidents like shootings, bomb threats, and intruders, It is now more important than ever to be prepared for the worst.
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