Emergency Guide

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Suicide / Attempt

  • Verify information.
  • Call 911, if person requires medical attention, has a weapon or needs to be restrained.
  • Notify school psychologist/counselor, Principal and Child Mental Health at _________________ or Suicide Prevention at _________________.
  • Principal calls Superintendent and parent(s) or guardian(s) if suicidal person is student. Principal may schedule meeting with parents and school psychologist/counselor to determine course of action.
  • Calm suicidal person.
  • Try to isolate suicidal person from other students.
  • Ask suicidal person to sign a “no suicide contract”.
  • Stay with person until counselor/suicide intervention arrives. Do not leave suicidal person alone.
  • Determine method of notifying staff, students and parents. Hold daily staff debriefings before and after normal operating hours as needed.
  • Activate school crisis team to implement post-crisis intervention (see next column). Determine level of intervention.
  • Verify information.
  • Activate school crisis team.
  • Principal notifies Superintendent.
  • Notify staff in advance of next school day following suicide or attempted suicide.
  • Determine method of notifying students and parents. Do not mention “suicide” or details about death in notification. Do not hold memorials or make death appear heroic. Protect privacy of family.
  • Implement post-crisis intervention.
  • Meet with school counseling staff and Child Mental Health at ____________________________ to determine the level of intervention for staff and students.
  • Designate rooms as private counseling areas.
  • Escort siblings and close friends and other “highly stressed” students to counselors.
  • Assess stress level of staff. Recommend counseling to overly stressed staff.
  • Refer media to the school Public Relations Department at ____________________________. Do not let media question students or staff.
  • Follow-up with students and staff who received counseling.
  • Resume normal routine as soon as possible.