Emergency Guide

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Radiological Incident

Schools within a 10 mile radius of any nuclear power plants: Listen for 3 to 5 minutes steady siren blast. This signals public to tune their radios to an Emergency Alert Station (EAS). Schools will be notified if radiological release requires protective actions. There are two basic protective actions: sheltering and evacuation.
  • Bring all persons inside building(s).
  • Close all exterior doors and windows.
  • Turn off any ventilation leading outdoors.
  • Cover up food not in containers or put it in the refrigerator.
  • If advised, cover mouth and nose with handkerchief, cloth, paper towels or tissues.
  • Principal contacts Superintendent and informs him or her that evacuation is taking place.
  • Principal notifies students, staff and relocation center.
  • Close all windows.
  • Turn off lights, electrical equipment, gas, water faucets, air conditioning and heating systems.
  • Place evacuation sign in window.
  • Lock doors.
  • Return to homeroom or keep classes intact.
  • Take roll.
  • Explain procedures to students. Instruct students to take belongings.
  • Wait in classroom until principal or designee informs teachers that buses have arrived.
  • Take class roster.
  • Take roll again after arriving at relocation center.