Emergency Guide

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Lockdown Procedures

  • Lock-down procedures may be issued in situations involving dangerous intruders or other incidents that may result in harm to persons inside school building.
  • Principal will issue lock-down procedures by announcing warning over PA system, sending a message to each classroom or sounding bells.
  • The word “Lock-Down” will be used for all drills.
  • PA announcement may be a coded or basic alert (see Warning and Notification section for coded warnings).
  • “_________________ is in the building” will always mean an intruder is in the building.
  • “________________ is trying to get in the building” will always mean someone unfriendly is trying to get in.
  • Direct all students, staff and visitors into classrooms.
  • Lock classroom doors.
  • Cover windows of classrooms.
  • Move all persons away from windows and doors.
  • Allow no one outside of classroom until all-clear signal is given by Principal.