Emergency Guide

(800) 327-7992

Evacuation / Relocation Centers

  • Call 911, if necessary.
  • Principal issues evacuation procedures after consulting with Superintendent at __________________.
  • Principal determines if students and staff should be evacuated outside of building or to relocation centers. Assistant Principal coordinates transportation if students are evacuated to relocation center. Administrative Assistant contacts Principal and Superintendent and informs him/her that evacuation is taking place.
  • Direct students and staff to follow fire drill procedures and route. Follow alternate route if normal route is too dangerous.
  • Close all windows.
  • Turn off lights, electrical equipment, gas, water faucets, air conditioning and heating system.
  • Place evacuation sign in window.
  • Lock doors.
  • Direct students to follow normal fire drill procedures unless Principal alters route.
  • Take class roster.
  • Close classroom doors and turn out lights.
  • When outside building, account for all students. Inform principal immediately if student(s) is/are missing.
  • If students are evacuated to relocation center, stay with class. Take roll again when you arrive at relocation center.
    • List primary and secondary student relocation centers for each school in district.
    • The primary site is located close to school. The secondary site is located further away from school (in case of community wide emergency).