Emergency Guide

(800) 327-7992

Emergency Phone Numbers

  • Fire, Ambulance, Police Emergency
  • Local Police (Non-emergency)
  • Referrals: Helpline
  • Crisis Intervention: Contact/Rape Crisis Contract
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Mobile Crisis Services: (Division of Child Mental Services, for Students under 18)
  • Victim Assistance: Child Abuse/Neglect Reporting Line(Division of Family Services)
  • Runaway Hotline
  • Local Victim Center
  • Family Violence Hotline
  • School Crime Reporting Hotline(Office of Attorney General)
  • Hazardous Materials/Poison: To report hazardous material leak or spill
  • Poison Control Center
  • Disaster Assistance: American Red Cross
  • Emergency Management Agencies: Country or Local Country Offices:
  • Office of Emergency Preparedness
  • Emergency Planning and Operations
  • Emergency Operations Center
  • Local Offices:
  • Emergency Management office
  • Emergency Operations Center
  • Emergency Preparedness/Grounds