Emergency Guide

(800) 327-7992

Assault / Fights

  • Ensure the safety of students and staff first.
  • Call 911, if necessary.
  • Notify CPR/First Aid certified person in school building of medical emergencies, if necessary. Names of CPR/First Aid certified persons are listed in Crisis Team Members section.
  • Notify Principal. Principal assembles Crisis Team Members.
  • Seal off area where assault took place.
  • Defuse situation, if possible.
  • Principal notifies police if weapon was used, victim has physical injury causing substantial pain or impairment of physical condition, or assault involved sexual contact (intention in touching of anus, breast, buttocks or genitalia of another person in a sexual manner without consent. This includes touching of those areas covered by clothing).
  • Principal notifies Superintendent and parents of students involved in assault.
  • Document all activities. Ask victim(s)/witness(es) for their account of incident.
  • Assess counseling needs of victim(s) or witness(es). Implement post-crisis procedures.